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Selection of Process and or Equipment from the required Function

IFM has been supplying the solutions for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and various fields to meet the clients' needs, using not only own developed / fabricated equipments but the best selected ones in the market. And, we have obtained the higher reputations from our clients for years.
Function-wise, our processes and equipments are classified as,

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Homogenizers
  • Joule's Heater Systems
  • Sanitary Tanks
  • Multipurpose Extractor
  • Damanizer
  • Other Equipments
  • Combined System (plant) using IFM products line and other make
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hv-e/a/h series Homogenizers PDF(785KB)
IFM Mixing Dissolution Homogenization Emulsification PDF(2MB)
Multi Purpose Extractor PDF(634KB)