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1925 1925 Private company "Ueda Ironworks" was founded in Awaji-island, where was the same place of present Awaji-factory. And, started to fabricate and milk-cans for Condensed Milk.
  1934 Started the fabrication and selling of milk processing equipments.
  1937 Osaka Branch Office was opened.
1944 1944 Small size Homogenizer was developed.
  1948 "Ueda Ironworks" was organized as "Ueda Ironworks Co., Ltd."
  1949 Tokyo Office was opened.
1950 1950 Tubular type high press. and short time pasteurizer was developed.
1956 1956 Osaka-factory was erected.
Food processing plant design business was started. A-type plate heat exchanger was developed.
  1959 Tank making workshop was erected in Awaji-factory. Tokyo Office was reorganized as Tokyo Branch Office. Fukuoka Branch Office was opened.
  1961 Taken over by Sumitomo Group.
1965 1965 Machine shop was newly erected in Awaji-factory.
Osaka-factory was closed and production was concentrated in Awaji-factory.
  1968 HV-type Homogenizer was developed.
  1969 Company name was changed to
  1972 Head Office was moved from Awaji-factory to Osaka Branch Office.
  1976 Authorized as 1st Grade Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Factory.(Japan)
  1991 Test Room with food processing equipments and Presentation Room were newly erected at Awaji-facotry . Research and Development activities were reinforced.
  1994 Series of SPE type sanitary pumps were developed.
1995 1995 Multi purpose extractor was developed.
  1996 Series of VT, FF, FF/N type plate heat exchangers were developed.
  2000 ISO9001 certificate by DNV was acquired.
  2002 ISO14001 certificate by DNV was acquired at Awaji-factory.
  2004 Test Room at Awaji-factory was re-furnished completely.
  2007 Taken over by Nippon Spindle MFG. Co., Ltd.
Nippon Spindle MFG. Co., Ltd. turn to be a part of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Osaka Head Office was moved to the Amagasaki-factory of Nippon Spindle MFG. Ltd.
  2008 V-mix was developed.
NT-type plate heat exchanger was developed.
Very High Press. Homogenizer (100Mpa. 1000L/Hr) was developed.
  2015 Inauguration of Jakarta Representative Office
  2016 ASME U  Acquisition
  2017 Established a joint venture of beverage machine business in Singapore.
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